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ThirdLove is an innovative lingerie brand disrupting the industry with its focus on inclusive sizing, comfort, and an exceptional online shopping experience. The brand champions body positivity and empowers women to embrace their unique shapes.

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ThirdLove aimed to enhance its brand presence and amplify its message through

Refined Brand Identity: Evolve their visual identity and messaging to reflect their commitment to inclusivity and body confidence.

Stronger Social Media Presence: Develop impactful social media campaigns to boost engagement and cultivate a loyal community.

Search Engine Visibility: Improve SEO to reach wider audiences searching for size-inclusive and comfortable lingerie options.

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"Partnering with Edbrig was a great decision. They exceeded our expectations with their fresh branding ideas, impactful social campaigns, and targeted SEO strategies. We've seen a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement thanks to their work."
Chief Marketing Officer

Our approach


Inclusive Brand Identity Refinement

Updated the color palette, typography, and visual style for a more modern and relatable feel. Developed more inclusive brand messaging highlighting body positivity and diverse body representation.

Community-Focused Social Media

Developed content pillars emphasizing comfort, confidence, and celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. Launched targeted social media advertising campaigns aligned with the refined brand identity.

Targeted SEO Optimization

Conducted keyword research centered on size-inclusivity, comfort, and lingerie-related terms. Optimized product pages, blog content, and website structure for higher search engine rankings.

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