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Equinox is a renowned luxury fitness brand with a nationwide presence. As a pioneer in the industry, Equinox is dedicated to delivering a transformative fitness experience that transcends simple workouts.

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Equinox recognized the need to modernize its brand image, digital presence, and marketing strategies to:

Reenergize the Brand: Appeal to a broader demographic and solidify Equinox's position at the forefront of the luxury fitness market.

Optimize Digital Experience: Create a seamless, user-centric website and mobile app that reflects the brand's high-end quality.

Enhance Marketing Reach: Develop impactful campaigns to attract new members and boost retention.

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"Our brand was in need of a complete overhaul, and Edbrig delivered. They helped us create a brand that is fresh, modern, and perfectly represents who we are."
Senior Director

Our approach


Comprehensive Rebranding

Refined the brand's visual identity, including logo, color palette, and typography, for a more contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic. Developed a compelling brand voice and messaging that aligned with the upgraded image.

Intuitive Website Redesign

Built a beautifully designed website prioritizing user experience and ease of navigation. Integrated high-quality imagery and videos to showcase Equinox's luxurious facilities and diverse classes. Optimized for search engine visibility (SEO) to drive organic traffic.

Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Conducted market research to identify target audience segments and tailor messaging. Launched targeted campaigns across social media, search engines, and email marketing platforms. Implemented analytics and A/B testing for continuous optimization.

Strategic Collaborations

Formed partnerships with complementary brands in wellness, nutrition, and beauty to offer exclusive benefits to Equinox members.
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