Abijith Chenthamarakshan

CEO & Director of Strategy

“They say necessity is the mother of invention, but for Abijith, it was imperfection.”

Abijith Chenthamarakshan is the Founder and CEO of Edbrig, a global branding and advertising consulting agency. He is a Serial entrepreneur who began his career in Branding and advertising in 2016.  
Abijith watched talented small businesses stumble, not for lack of a great product, but due to their branding. He believed in a world where big-agency results are scaled for any ambitious company.
His vision was not just logos and websites, but impactful stories that bridge the gap between businesses and their target audiences. Edbrig wasn't born in a boardroom, but from Abijith's relentless pursuit of experiences, delivered through a passionate team.
Edbrig is Abijith's legacy of transforming businesses, tapping unexplored potential, and building a world where clarity empowers ambition.

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